Healing for (young) children

Children sometimes require guidance through, the integration of, or healing of a variety of themes including birth-trauma, mourning, restlessness, anxiety, hyper-sensitivity, uncertainty, dealing with illness and energetic disturbances.

During a healing session the self-healing capacity of the (young) child is gently stimulated.
To accomplish this, the healer must first contact the child at soul level by means of meditation. The soul, being a source of inner knowing and wisdom, embraces knowledge that can help the healer decide how the healing sessions can promote the child's well-being and development, and indicate what the child may require on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
The energetic work that follows is structured by the priorities revealed during soul contact.

The mother or the father of the young child is always present at the healing. Your child, you, and the healer sit on the floor on a large cotton futon. Storytelling, drawing and playing are then used to help keep the healing session light and enjoyable, it is during the telling of a story that the healing occurs!
Older children or those children requesting it are given healing in a lying position.
Children are very sensitive to energetic impulses; this sensitivity indicates that the healing session must be conscientiously tailored around the needs of the child at that precise moment.

During the maximal one hour session, your child will experience the healing as a nourishing and beneficial energy. At the end of the session it is important to allow your child to come to peace with itself and so help promote integration, and where possible awareness of their inner processes. Normally several healing sessions are advised, the frequency of which is determined by the needs of your child. Often your child will indicate when he or she requires a healing.

After a healing, it is recommended that you as a parent make short daily notes in a special "journal" to document significant advances, behavioural changes, dreams, and the remarks made by the child. In this way, insights into the processes taking place within the inner world of the child are monitored. These notes can be shared via email with the practitioner prior to the next healing.

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