Lucid perception
Energy work for practitioners, therapists, coaches 2019

Every process or transformation starts with perception. We often trust our impression or feeling about something we observe, but we rarely focus on the way in which we perceive it.
Your sensitivity and intuition are gifts! Experience how to use them effectively and with integrity for your personal and professional development.

This introduction to lucid perception is a two day training devoted to purifying and understanding your channels of perception; the use of conscious introspection, healing and working together will give you further clarity.

You will be given tools that will be used for working with energetic perception; you'll also learn to interpret and communicate the experience in a meaningful way.
The awareness of the energetic patterns (of information) results in deeper insight; this practice will improve the collaboration between the two hemispheres of your brain.

The training will provide ample Instruction, in addition you are also invited to take part in an active way, for example by meditating on a topic and working in pairs to practice energy reading.
As English speaking practitioners, coaches and teachers, we will work in a small group, where there will be abundant opportunity to share personal experiences and ask questions.
We will be working at soul level (ego-transcending).

The healing and insights need time to integrate, so please schedule a relaxing Saturday evening, after the training.
There will be one personal assignment between the two classes that requires about 2 hours of homework. Usually there is one week between the classes.

The psycho-spiritual philosophy acknowledges the heart as the centre of healing, and places great importance on non-judgment and working at soul level (ego-transcending).

New dates will be published on this site.

The training will be held in Centrum De Roos. It is conveniently situated in Amsterdam, next to the Vondelpark entrance (in PC Hooftstraat).
You are welcome to have a tea /coffee in the café of De Roos (het Theehuis) on the ground floor from 9h30. We'll start at 10h00 and finish the training at 17h00.
There is a one hour lunch break. You can bring your own lunch and take a stroll through the park or have lunch in the café or on the terrace.

If you would like to receive more information about the Lucid perception training , please complete the form on the contact page. Renée will contact you as soon as possible.