Guidance during pregnancy and childbirth

More and more women have the heart felt desire to 'connect' with their child during pregnancy and therefore seek the support of the psycho-spiritual tradition. The mother's desire is to cherish, love, nurture, teach, and protect her baby. It is an intimate and beautiful experience in the life of a woman. But it is also a sacred path to carry and to bear an incarnating soul.

During the nine months of pregnancy your child prepares itself not only for the physical challenges of a new environment, but also for the laws that we know on Earth concerning matter, time, space, and boundaries. In addition, whilst in the womb, your child will already be experiencing feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The soul of your baby also conveys inner wisdom and the desire to resolve its own life mission.

During a healing session, genuine heart chakra contact between you and your child is stimulated. In addition, the energetic development is explained, and supported with gentle energy impulses. At home after the session you can undertake energetic exercises at your own pace to develop and give depth to your relationship with your child before its arrival into this world.

The last healing session entails the preparation for childbirth for you as a mother, and the birth of your baby. These are two processes that can be spiritually and energetically harmonised to support cooperation and safe delivery/birth.
During this last session you may experience the balance between primal force and surrender, and use this 'power' during a sentient childbirth.

Because childbirth and delivery are 'threshold crossings' you will learn to energetically and spiritually build a sacred birthing space (ahead of time and regardless of the place) for the welfare of you and your child. This ancient knowledge, used to be conveyed by women to each other is to this day still used and passed on by indigenous peoples of the world.

Preconception counselling and post natal guidance are also offered to resolve relevant themes around the desire for children, loss, and maternity issues.

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