Psycho-spiritual regression: recollections from the Souls journey

During your life you may often be confronted with the same difficulties, pitfalls, or restrictive patterns. These themes are actually soul given challenges for growth and healing.
At a rational level you do not always understand what is preventing you from moving forward or what the underlying significance of these psychological hurdles and emotional experiences is.

The quest for this underlying meaning can be effectively supported with regression; this in turn will enhance self-reflection and self-healing!

While being fully conscious and within a state of deep relaxation, your principal question, or theme is explored together with the healer so that the burden of the original experience can be processed. The origin of the burden can be a suppressed issue from this life but it can also be an (unconscious or unknown) experience from your prenatal stage or another life.

During a session the primary goal is the processing and transformation of the burden. For example, the memory of a disturbing childhood experience is in itself not healing, but a safe reliving of this childhood experience can be worked on in a variety of ways to help you integrate it with the purpose of purifying the spirit, soul, and body. The resulting emotional, physical, and energetic discharge can be truly liberating.

Psychologically speaking, this means truly understanding what happened to you, how you dealt with it then, and how and why it still continues to materialise in the present. Often this also sheds light on previously unexplained feelings, disruptive thoughts, fears, blind spots, self-sabotage, nightmares and more.
During the session you will encounter new ways of resolving suffering and powerlessness.
It will also provide deep understanding of the ways in which (forgotten) trauma has affected you. The spiritual meaning of the whole experience encourages inner development, and stimulates the utilisation of your own potential.

"No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge".
Kahlil Gibran

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