Renée F. Gloudemans

As a child Renée discovered that she had, from a place of inner silence, a flowing connection with the natural world, this source of energy and awareness helped her during periods of sickness and her regular admissions to hospital.

Later in life this awareness would lead her to experiences with indigenous peoples and give her the understanding of a shamanic world she already 'knew'. She would also develop a warm connection to several spiritual and shamanic traditions, including the Tibetan Bön, the  Maya, the Arctic indigenous peoples and the Maori, which remain a source of inspiration and warmth for her.

Since her childhood Renée has immersed herself in philosophy and spiritual traditions. Her classical education stimulated her interest in ancient civilizations and their vision still further. After the successful conclusion of her secondary school education she chose to live in various countries and follow a number of studies. One of these studies, business economics, blossomed into a dynamic career involving worldwide travel. She had a wonderful time, but the desire for more 'soul' grew.

In the early 1990's Renée experienced a heart-felt desire to commitment herself to a meaningful healing process. Through her inner development and the healing that followed, she realised that she could no longer find personal fulfilment in her work as a business account manager.

Renée acquired clarity and insight during many experiences, meditations, and dreams.
It was Renée's challenge to combine the mainstream and the less conventional medicinal approaches, wherein Western medicine would encompass a well-developed therapy in which psychological and spiritual inputs would complement each other.

Healing processes are fascinating: diverse, subtle, and confronting.
The path to wholeness is also touching and heart-warming because it illuminates the universal human longing.

Since 1993, Renée has run her own practice for Psycho-Spiritual Medicine in Amsterdam; here she observes the heart-felt intention to contribute towards insight and transformation.
She has worked with people of many different backgrounds and over thirty nationalities.
In addition, she is a passionate teacher who has for the past 27 years given form to workshops and training.
Renée also teaches at various locations in Europe.

'Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams'.

Paulo Coelho